Vino Villa

I know I haven’t been on this for quite a while but I would like to get back on track.  So,here is a real quick post about a great new wine and cheese shop in Greenwood, Indiana. They have only been open for a few months now and have a great wine and fresh cheese selection and of course other wine associated items.  They also have a wine lounge on the second floor where you can relax and have some appetizers and a bottle of wine you purchase from their selection downstairs or by the glass. It is not completed yet, but they are also going to have a wine bar on the third floor.  If your’re thinking of going there is also a coupon that you can get at

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Mallow Run Winery

Not too long ago I started the Indy wine trail and got quite a few done in a short amount of time. This day I decided to get Mallow Run checked off.  The winery is located south of Indy and is out in the country. The winery is in the original barn that was built in the 1800’s. The estate is pretty large, and there are numerous events that they host throughout the year.

Now when it comes to the wines there are a few that I have mentioned before that I really like and there is at least one that I still want to try.  My favorite is their rhubarb wine, followed closely by their Picnic White and the Picnic Red.  Also mentionable is their Traminette. The one wine that I didn’t try and still need to is their Traminette bubbly. I left with a bottle of rhubarb and plan on going back for as many of the events as possible.

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Story Inn Wine Fair

The Story Inn Wine Fair was a big event with great weather, great food, and great wine. There were a lot of people in what seemed like a small area, a stage with live music, a few food vendors and all of the winery booths. I didn’t pay too close of attention to all of the wineries that were there, but I do remember a few of my favorites; Winzerwald, Mallow Run, Whyte Horse, Best, Turtle Run, and a few new ones I didn’t know about.  Maybe next year I will actually make a list of all the wineries that were there and all their best wines.

The most memorable wines that I tried included the Strawberry Weisser and the Cranberry Weisser from Winzerwald. They have a lot of other really good wines, but these are my two favorites. I should also mention the Schweizer Spice, which tastes like pumpkin pie. Don’t ask me how a wine can taste like pumpkin pie but it sure does.

There are a few wines from Mallow Run that I would definitely recommend trying, they include their Picnic White, Picnic Red and the Rhubarb. I am obviously more of a sweet wine person and on a hot day they always seem to taste better. The Rhubarb wine that they make is by far the best of any that I have tried.  I tried one other rhubarb wine while at the festival and it seemed to bring out too much of the rhubarb characteristics. If you want a good wine for a picnic or to have on a warm day then any of these three will do, but make sure you try the rhubarb.

 One of the new wineries that I was not aware of was Indian Creek. They are located in Georgetown, Indiana and are producing some very good wines. Of course I stuck to the sweeter portion of the menu, with three favorites; Lilly White, Cardinal Red, and Blackberry.  The Lilly White is a table wine, very sweet and one that I ended up bringing back with me.

Other wines worth mentioning are Black Beauty dessert wine from Whyte Horse in Monticello, Indiana. The Peach and Mango wines from Best Vineyards Winery in Elizabeth, Indiana were also very good. Last is the Sweet Tortuga from Turtle Run, it is a dryer sweet wine made mostly from Traminette.

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New Winery!! Indian Trail Wines

There is a somewhat new winery that I haven’t seen much about yet. I myself have still not visited it, but intend to within the next few months. It is Indian Trail Wines, located at 7540 N 350 W, Royal Center, IN. I have driven by it a few times and looks very nice, nothing big by any means but the building is very nice and they supposedly have a nice tasting area. I’ll let you know how the wines are soon!

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Wine Fair @ Story Inn 4-30-11

This Saturday, April 30th is the Indiana Wine Fair in Brown County, Indiana. This will be my first time at this wine fair and from what I have heard it is sure to be a good time! You can find some more information about it here.

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The Beginning….

I realized one day after talking about what could only be the tenth or so winery that I had visited in Indiana that there were only a few other blogs on this topic. So I decided that I would start my own for fun.  The other blogs may have more info, but maybe mine can be something different. I’ve visited quite a few wineries and would like to eventually visit them all. In the mean time though, I will create a post about all of the wineries so far. I am not a wine connoisseur by any means, I just like to find something new that I might like or that I could give out as a gift. So basically all of my descriptions will be very simple, sporadic and I will mostly talk about the wines that I liked most. Enjoy!

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